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What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is an ecosystem that uses the Tendermint Core consensus algorithm to connect independent blockchains that are called “Zones” to interoperate in its central blockchain called “Hub”. Cosmos aims to solve blockchain’s scalability and interoperability problems and its ATOM native cryptocurrency token can be used to pay network transaction fees.


Full name: Cosmos

Chinese Name: Not known.

Ticker Symbol: ATOM

Coin Price: Latest ATOM Price

Founder and CEO: Jae Kwon

Prominent Group: Interchain Foundation (ICF)

Consensus Algorithm: Tendermint Core

Block Explorer:


Jae Kwon: CEO and founder of Tendermint.

Ethan Buchman: CTO and co-founder.

Peng Zhong: The head of design.


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[Rating: 2.0 ]

Creative (08/7/2019 7:38:27 AM):

Interoperability is indeed huge but Cosmos has not yet proven that it is up to the task of solving it.


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