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What is Verge (XVG)?

Verge with its XVG token is an open-source cryptocurrency that is focused on privacy protection while allowing anyone to view all transactions on its blockchain ledger. Verge offers optional anonymous-transaction to the public by using Tor and I2P technology to obfuscate users’ IP addresses and geolocations making their identities untraceable.


Full name: Verge

Ticker Symbol: XVG

Coin Price: Latest XVG Price

Founder: Justin Sunerok

Protocol: Wraith

Speed: 100 Transactions Per Second (TPS)

Max Coin Supply: 16,555,000,000 XVG

Block Explorer:


Verge was founded by Justin Sunerok who is the current lead developer of the cryptocurrecy team. Verge was created as an improvement over the original Bitcoin and was originally named DogeCoinDark in 2014. It was later rebranded to Verge currency in 2016.


With Wraith protocol technology, Verge is reported to be a rare privacy coin that allows users to seamlessly choose and switch between private or public ledger on its Blockchain. When users turn on Wraith Protocol their transaction data will be hidden and will not be visible on the blockchain explorer.

If transparency is required, for example with transactions related to government or corporate payments, users can turn off Wraith Protocol, allowing their transaction data to be viewable on the public ledger. So Verge can be used both privately or transparently according to users' needs if its ecosystem security is up to market standards.


The project team announced partnership with adult entertainment giant MindGeek on 17 April 2018. Verge reached cryptocurrency market cap of more than $74 million USD and a total coin circulating supply of around 16 billion as of 10th September 2019. Verge is a new cryptocurrency regarded as an altcoin to bitcoin but its maximum coin supply is capped at 16.5 billion XVG which is around 800 times more.


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[Rating: 2.0 ]

ZenAvatar (19/03/2019 9:42:22 PM):

What I like about this privacy coin is that I can get to choose whether I want my next transaction to be private or public. I do not think Monero has the same exact option.


Salki Mokan (08/08/2019 12:04:15 AM):

Verge was attacked by hackers several times before. Security was weak.


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