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Creating EOS Account to Use EOSIO Apps

EOS cryptocurrency and blockchain

Steps to Start Using EOSIO Blockchain and Applications:

I. Install Scatter Platform

You need an application platform to sign transactions, use your tokens and interact with applications without exposing your EOSIO keys. Scatter Desktop is a popular open-source wallet application platform that provides the above services.

II. Create your EOS account

To use EOSIO blockchain apps, you will need an EOS account to connect and authenticate those apps to update your data onto the public blockchain. EOS account stores your basic data, for example, account name, balance and who controls the account.

III. Acquire EOS Cryptocurrency for Account Creation

You will need to pay a small cost of around $5 USD as of 10 Jul 2019 to create an EOS Account (can pay with either EOS coins or credit card). The required creation cost is helpful to prevent network spamming of fake accounts. Your EOS account lasts for life and has 0 transaction cost. It is still cheaper than registering credit cards that need you to pay for annual card renewal and it costs merchants around 25 cents to process a credit card transaction.

IV. Transfer to Payment Address

Transfer some EOS tokens to the account creation payment address to complete the creation of your EOS account unless you are paying via credit card.

Step I: Install Scatter Platform

What is Scatter?

Scatter is an open-source desktop application that can be used as a wallet and account platform. Without exposing users’ keys, Scatter can be utilized to sign transactions and access applications that communicate with EOSIO blockchain via smart contracts.

How to Install Scatter:

1. Download open-source Scatter Version at its official link as follows: Official Link for Scatter

2. Install the downloaded file and open it.

How to Configure Scatter:

1. Click “I’m new to blockchain”.

2. Go through Acceptance of Terms and click “Accept Terms”.

Scatter Installation Step 1

3. Enter a strong password that includes number, symbol, uppercase and lowercase characters. Now write down your password somewhere to ensure you will not forget.

4. Click “Start using Scatter”.

Scatter Installation Step 2

5. Click the “Key symbol” at the left panel then click “Generate Key”. You can skip this key generation step if you have existing key, and can click “Import Key” instead.

6. After clicking “Generate Key”, click “EOSIO”.

7. Click “Start using Scatter”.

Scatter Key Generation

Step II: Create Your EOS Account

1. Click “Create One Now” to create an EOS account.

2. Click “Exchange”.

3. Enter your Account name, it must be 12 chars long and numbers can only be from 1-5.

EOS Account Creation

4. Scatter will now let you know the EOS token cost required to create your EOS account. You can click “Copy” to copy the payment address for you to transfer EOS tokens there later. Then press “Click after Transfer”.

5. You will now have 30 minutes to complete the payment or the account creation will fail. Click “Okay”.

EOS Account Creation Part 2

Step III: Acquire some EOS cryptocurrency

If you already have the above amount of EOS coins, then you can skip this step. If not, you can refer to following trading guide to acquire EOS coins.

Read CryptoGuide's Cryptocurrency Trading Guide

Step IV: Transfer to Payment Address

After you acquire the above amount of EOS coins, just make the transfer to the Scatter payment address under Step II to complete your account creation.

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of an EOSIO account and can proceed to use EOS applications!

Exploring EOSIO Applications

You may refer to the following link for some EOS applications listed on this website. Please note that none of the applications are developed by CryptoGuide.

Read EOSIO Guide and check out list of EOS Applications

You can check your account balance and details with the following web address, just change the address last name to your new account name.

https://bloks.io/account/your account name

Your EOS account name is your wallet address too. Hence, when you transfer coins to your EOS wallet, you only need to type your account name, for example, “johnbrown2”, instead of the lengthy public wallet addresses use by Bitcoin or Litecoin.

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