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10. Nebula Applications Ecosystem

Nebula is a blockchain based ecosystem of applications with different DApps that users can use for social networking, knowledge validation, monetization (eg. Via Jobs). Nebula is developed using the EOS blockchain technology and feature a feeless payment system, stored securely in a valve.

Nebula offers a platform for curated opportunities, users can seek out jobs with the transparent decentralized DApp and be rewarded in EOS coins as shown in picture below. Jobs descriptions, links eg. from Github and status will be shown on the DApp for users’ references. Users can earn reputation tokens via the reputation module by completing task.

As follows are some upcoming Nebula DApps that the blockchain community can look forward to, include a DApp called Omega which users can monetize by doing predictions and a social network or email platform aiming to be spamless where users can get paid by responding to messages.

You can refer to pic below to understand more on the Nebula Predictions market:

Nebula Roadmap:
 Q3 2017: Nebula Project started.

 Q4 2017: White paper released.

 Q2 2018: Pre-ICO, privator investor kicked off project.

 Q3 2018: Main ICO crowd-sale.

 Q3 2018: Minimum viable product (MVP).

 Q4 2018: Mainnet 1st version released.

Listed partners of Nebula as of Feb 2019 include Scatter, EOS Tracker, WalletEOS, EOS New York, etc. and the location is listed as based in Palma de Malloca (Spain).

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