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12. Liverpeer P2P Video Streaming Application


Livepeer is a peer to peer (P2P) video streaming and broadcasting services built on a scalable platform and on the Ethereum blockchain for users eg. developers to add live or on-demand videos to their project and users who wish to stream educational, gaming or other videos on Livepeer. Liverpeer is founded by Doug Petkanics.

The project team aims to reduce scaling cost by developing the peer to peer platform on a blockchain network not controlled by any single individual/company and without any single point of failure, this will increase reliability of video workflows and all Livepeer users will have the ability to shape Livepeer.

Infrastructure providers or anyone with excess capacity can earn Livepeer Tokens (LTP) by running transcoding nodes on the p2p Livepeer network. Transcoding refers to the process of converting an input video from 1 format and bitrate into many formats and bitrates to make it playable on most devices at any connection speed.

Livepeer users can be rewarded with LPT tokens by contributing their bandwidth and processing power of their computers to the Liverpeer network, a network that is open source, transparent and has no content restrictions. Users can use LPT tokens to broadcast video directly to viewers at a network with no central company governance and no middleman costs, so it should be cheaper to use than centralized application.

To start using Livepeer, you will need to download via its Github site and install it:

Download Livepeer Blockchain Based Application to Start Using

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