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13. MeeChat Instant Messaging Platform


MeeChat is a blockchain based community-based Instant Messaging (IM) platform slightly similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) except that it was developed and encrypted for users to use on the blockchain as reported by the MeeChat team. The application looks to be user-friendly and the chat window can reportedly be embedded to a third-party website.

Image 1: MeeChat Blockchain Selection Page

MeeChat already has dozens of chat rooms created and the main community chat room has 11000 joined users as of May 2019. The administrator is responsive and doesn’t seem to be stringent in censoring messages.

Image 2: MeeChat Main Page

It is at the moment a free-to-use chat tool and users can log in to MeeChat with their EOS, Meetone, Tron, Telegram and Ethereum blockchain accounts. MeeChat does not collect any user information and participants can use the chat room annoymously. MeeChat is currently developing the IOS and Android version, both versions will eventually be available for the public to use.

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