Guides to Blockchain Related Apps

15. CandyMoreBox Advertising Application


CandyMoreBox is an advertising application running on the Tron blockchain. Users can use the app to promote or advertise projects by distributing tokens via airdrops to CandyMoreBox system. Users that completed specific task daily can acquire candies or tokens for free, once every 4 hours.

User can level up by staking CMB tokens (in short, CandyMoreBox official tokens) up to a total of 12 levels. The collection interval increases as the user level increases with the shortening and cumulative number of times. Staked tokens can be acquired back after 72 hours. If user staked more tokens, higher equity will be available to user.

100% of the tokens received will be owned by the user, while the CandyMoreBox official teams will receive separately 15% of the amount of tokens received by the user, and referrer will get separately 5% of the amount of tokens received by the user. Case example: User John received 100 CMB tokens, he will get to own and keep all of them. CandyMoreBox official teams will get separately 15 tokens, and referrer can get 5 tokens. Rewarded users will get at least 1 token reward because TRC10 token does not support coin that is too small in amount. The reward model system will prioritize user first, follow by referrer and then others.

Referrers can send invitation via the invite link to introduce the application to friends or others and receive CMB token rewards of 5%.

Update as of 31 May 2019: It appears that the CandyMoreBox's websites and links are no longer reachable. The app may no longer be up and running, users may want to reconsider if they still wish to use this application.

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