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17. Blockchain Faith Polling Application


Blockchain Faith is an application that queries users in different cities about their amount of faith in blockchain. Users can input their amount of faith in points for their countries and provinces using a slider. The more the points are, the more faith the user has in blockchain technology. The faith points are grouped in the following classifications ranging from -100 to 100 as follow:

Firmly believe in it: 80 to 100 points

Believe in it: 40 to 79 points

Optimistic about it: 0 to 39 points

No Feel: -1 to -40 points

It is questionable: -41 to -80 points

It is a scam: -81 to -100 points

Image 1: Placing your faith in blockchain

The application will then gather all users’ inputs and display the consolidated result on a national map for the global community to view. As of April 2019, the application only allows users to input countries and provinces in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Users can submit their faith values on the app once every 6 hours. There is a deadline of 31 December 2019 for users to complete their activities.

Image 2: The blockchain faith national map screen

The team has stated that each time a user submits faith point, he/she will receive 0.0001 OCT base reward. Users can further pledge OCT and receive additional 0.0062% bonus with each submission (approx. 9% annualized). If users decided to redeem staked OCT, they will have to wait for 30 days for the redeem to be completed.

Image 3: Pledging OCT tokens screen

Official link to Blockchain Faith Polling Application

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