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4. Lumeos Polling Application

Lumeos is a social networking polling application based on the EOS blockchain, co-founded by Entrepreneurs Ali Ayyash and Mike Lin. Users can earn Lume tokens by participating in polls on the Lumeos app, and can follow other users on the polls that they have answered as well as getting followers for themselves. Current features allow creation of profiles, creation of polls, view poll results, view top users with the most Lume earnings and view top polls with the most participations. Leaderboard rankings will reward extra Lume tokens to users that participated the most.

Poll creators pay participants to view detailed demographically and geographically segmented polling results. Both poll creators and participants can interact via the social interaction function with their individual profiles in the app and users have complete rights to their data and can choose to allow data sharing for their own monetization. Users can embed polls on any other websites using Lumeos SDK to get more external participations, both website owners and users can get paid in Lume tokens.

Lemeos SDK features allow users to find insights and get analytics as well from data that is verified by the blockchain. All data will be cryptographically locked, accessible only by the users/data owners themselves or by 3rd parties that the user allows. Lemeos users can import their entire set of Twitters, Facebook or google data via a user-friendly interface and place them under users’ direct control.

The application has since been released on Apple Appstore and is currently a freeware. It requires at least iOS 9.0 version or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPOD touch.

Lumeos Roadmap:

Phase 1 (Q3 2018):
Lumeos mobile Dapp beta release with at least 1000 beta testers.

Phase 2 (Q4 2018):
Release Android and iOS Dapp. Launch testnet data wallet and UX Research (paid) polls feature. Start College Ambassador program.

Phase 3 (Q1-2 2019):
Scale College Ambassador program. Launch Lumeos protocol on mainnet.

Phase 4 (Q3-4 2019):
Launch function to import Twitter, Google and Facebook history. Launch Web SDK for developers. Achieve 1 million Murmur users.

Phase 5 (2020+):
Growth and expansion. Support multiple blockchains and launch Lumeos DMP.


Visit Lumeos Blockchain Based Polling Dapp Website

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