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5. Brave Open-Source Browser


Brave is an open-source browser led by its founder and CEO, Brendan Eich together with founder and CTO, Brian Bondy. Brendan Eich is the creator of JavaScript and the co-founder of Firefox, Mozilla and Basic Attention Token (BAT). Brendan, Brian and their Brave team aims to reform online advertising globally, creating a browser system where advertisements are enjoyable for users to view.

Faster Browsing with Ads Control

Brave offers the global community a browser that can surf the web up to 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari browsers by blocking ads and trackers efficiently and allowing only privacy-preserving ads into its browsers with a consent-based system in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards that has the ability to offer users the option to filter away those ads while browsing or be rewarded for giving their attention. With local machine learning technology, Brave is able to place ads in optimal conditions with browser profile and match ads to opportunities if users decide to allow appearance of ads in their browsing.

Save Money by Reducing Data Usage

By blocking all ads and trackers from the browsers, users save money from reduced data usage by not downloading those ads and trackers. The amount of money that can be saved from the above is decent, considering the average mobile user pays around $25 data charges monthly.

Safer Browsing

Brave automatically upgrades web browsing protocol to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) for encrypted and secure communications whenever possible if it detects that the user’s browser is using an insecure connection. For better security, Brave browsers have default settings that block malware, malvertising, and plugins that have been proven to be a security risk.

By preventing tracking and not storing user’s browsing data on the servers, Brave keeps users’ information safe and private on their devices until they delete it. No one can see user’s data other than the user himself or herself, not even Brave.

Brave Rewards

Brave uses Basic Attention Token (BAT) for its reward system, BAT is a digital advertising cryptocurrency token that was built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-20 technical standard. Users can earn BAT tokens by browsing the web if they opt in to view privacy respecting advertisements and receive 70% of the ad revenue share as rewards, with the remaining 30% allocated to Brave. Users can claim the earned tokens at the close of Brave Rewards monthly cycle.

Followers, subscribers and general users can then use the BAT tokens by doing a one-time tip to their favorite content creator or set an amount to automatically tip every month. With the reward system and the option to block ads, users effectively become partners instead of targets by using Brave to browse the web.

To be able to view ads using Brave browsers, users will need to enable Brave Rewards by entering the following address on the Brave browser (brave://rewards ) which will bring the user to the Brave Rewards “settings” page, then turn on Ads in the Ads section. Users can then be presented with offers via notifications as they browse the web and can customize the number of ads visible to them.

Content publishers will need to sign up as a verified content creator to have access to the creator dashboard to be able to receive, collect and manage tips. After signing up, content creators can use Uphold to automatically convert earned BAT tokens into a currency of choice. Each BAT token is currently worth around $0.32 USD as of 08 May 2019.

Removing Excessive Advertising Costs

Since users get to choose and decide if they want to opt-in for ads, brands and advertisers know that their advertisements will only be viewed by people who welcome advertising, removing excessive advertising costs and risks of fraud by web advertising middlemen. In short, advertisers can connect to their interested audiences more easily.

Install Brave's Open-Source Browser

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