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6. HireVibes Recruitment Application

HireVibes is an open source recruitment application developed on the EOS blockchain with a goal to disrupt the conventional hiring process around the world (worth around $428 billion in 2016 as stated by the HireVibes team) and become a recruitment platform for all industries and segments of people. HireVibes utilizes smart contracts and aims to connect employers, recruiters, jobseekers and referrers on a job search DApp platform not controlled by any centralized authority and provides a fair incentive model with reasonable recruitment fees to its users.

DAC refers to Decentralized Autonomous Community, a community that operates based on agreed set of rules coded into smart contracts operating autonomously for the token holders. HireVibes DAC will be governed by its token holders collectively via votings for all proposed changes periodically and the first version of the HireVibes DAC Constitution will be released in early 2019 as stated by the team. This will make HireVibes a community owned and truly decentralized recruitment platform.

HireVibes recruitment is not only about users making some money by earning referral fees, it is a platform that users can use to assist friends, relatives, family, colleagues and any other people find the right job or hire the right person or talent. It is a decentralized application that helps the global community because everytime a job recruitment is completed successfully, it can change and improve someone’s life.

The currency used by HireVibes App is called the HireVibes Tokens or HVT. As of Feb 2019, there is a total world supply of 350 million HVT tokens and the HireVibes DApp is scheduled to be released in year 2019.

Tokens Allocation:
 71.43% of the token supply or 250 million HVT will be airdropped to the EOS community.

 14.29% of the supply (50 million HVT) will be allocated to the HireVibes launch team.

 11.43% (40 million HVT) allocated to the partnership fund, managed by HireVibres foundation. The fund is created to acquire partners that will develop and support the HireVibes project.

 2.86% or 10 million HVT will be used to implement the HireVibes Foundation.

How does the HireVibes incentive model works?
Employers will pay 7.5% fee of HVT tokens when they hire a job seeker through the HireVibes platform, the recruitment fee will then be distributed as follows:

 4% of the tokens will be distributed to the successful job applicant. Reward will be split if the job applicant was referred instead, half of the 4% going to the referrer and the other half goes to the job applicant.

 1% will be distributed as donations with the successful job applicant having the decision power to select which charity to donate to via HireVibes DApp.

 1.25% will be allocated to the treasury fund after operating costs with the allocation determined by the DAC and will be released in 2019 as informed by the HireVibes team.

 1.25% will be distributed daily automatically to token holders via the daily token distribution fund as soon as daily threshold is reached.

With referral fees for rewards available on a recruitment decentralized network at a global scale, people from around the world will be more willing to put in time and assist in recruitments, this will greatly help recruitment community and organizations worldwide.

HireVibes Roadmap:
 Q4 2018: Launch website.

 Q4 2018: Release initial Prototype and HireVibes DAC Constitution.

 Q4 2018: Release initial Prototype and HireVibes DAC Constitution.

 Q1 2019: Launch HireVibes Alpha

 Q2 2019: Launch HireVibes Beta

 Q3-4 2019: HireVibes full release

Listed HireVibes partners include Newdex Exchange, Bancor Network, Chaince, Tokenbank etc.

Visit HireVibes Blockchain Based Recruitment Application Website

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