Guides to Blockchain Related Apps

9. Time Forest Focus App

Time Forest is an application for interesting focus class and is developed using the EOS blockchain technology. The app aims to encourage users who want to focus on their work or learnings to mortgage a equivalent amount of EOS, plant a seed of a plant (different plant has different attributes) to enter into a countdown. The seed with a unique label will grow slowly into a tree during the “focus” duration.

The above “focus” period as reported by the development team, will assist users to put down their mobile phones and refocus them onto other work or studies. Time Forest App aims to provide users with a guide for positive emotions, guiding the brain to accept plant and growth of trees and forest metaphors naturally while rewarding them for their focused time.

The focus period will prevent users from planting desired seedlings, but they will get the equivalent PIP rewards with their original mortgaged EOS tokens returned to them before focus time expires. There will be a mild penalty for users with interrupted focus, hence this model is reported to be able to encourage users to put in a better effort in focusing.

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