Guides to Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

6. TRXMarket Tron Exchange

TRXMarket is a decentralized Exchange reported to be the first d-exchange to use the Tron blockchain technology. It was developed by the TRXMarket team that emerged from the Tron community and was reported to be operating at Malta. The exchange aims to provide a platform for developers, users and the crypto community to develop and promote growth for the entire Tron network.

Image 1: TRXMarket Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Page

All trades on the TRXMarket exchange are carried out in Tron smart contracts. Users can use supported wallets to directly transact, with transaction records transparently stored in blockchains, hence the exchange will not be able to intervene. The TRXMarket team informed that user experience on the decentralized exchange will be comparable with centralized exchange and there will be zero transaction fee for service charge.

Start Trading at TRXMarket Decentralized Tron Exchange

Download Supported Tronlink Wallet

Users can communicate or exchange information and ideas with the Tronlink community on chat groups listed at the following links:

1. Visit TRXMarket English Telegram Group

2. Visit TRXMarket Chinese Telegram Group

3. Visit Official Twitter Page

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