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2. Bittrex International

Founder: Bill Shihara

Bittrex Exchange Main Page

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in USA and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Bill Shihara reportedly founded the exchange with two of his business partners that worked with him at Microsoft as security professionals. Bittrex provides its traders a trading platform with world class experience to buy, sell and exchange huge number of cryptocurrencies it has listed.

Bittrex Trading Page Image 1: Bittrex Trading Page.

Reported to be based and regulated in the US, Bittrex has a fair reputation for smooth trading operations, stable wallets with few problems, dramas and security breaches as of April 2019. Corporate traders based in New York, Montana, California and Washington may choose to trade with U.S. currencies in Signature Bank of New York.


Bittrex was forced to stop new user registrations a number of times due to high demands but eventually reopened registrations once their systems and operations can cope. On March 2018, TrueUSD (TUSD), a cryptocurrency stablecoin reported to be pegged by USD was listed on Bittrex and was considered a milestone by some in the crypto community.

On April 2019, Bittrex announced the offering of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), to a Singapore based Decentralized Data Exchange platform, Ocean Protocol. The offering with Ocean Protocol, will begin on 30 April 2019. Only verified International users of Bittrex are reported to be able to participate the IEO.

Bittrex Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) Image 2: Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) Page on Bittrex

Official Website: Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange

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