Blockchain Based Social Network Guide is an on-chain application forum aiming to empower the global community on EOS blockchain discussions covering everything in the EOS ecosystem as of March 2019. This blockchain based forum was developed by Novusphere and may be expanded in the future to cover other topics.

With the help of the global community, the application collects latest news about different things happening in its space, in the form of videos, articles, screenshots, tweets and more. In exchange for the community’s efforts, the team informed that users of the app will be rewarded via tipping with different crypto tokens including the platform’s own, ATMOS tokens from the Novusphere blockchain. ATMOS tokens are currently traded on Newdex decentralized exchange.

Visit Newdex Decentralized Exchange to trade ATMOS Tokens

The decentralized application is developed transparently as open source and to be all-inclusive, supporting Tweets published from Twitter website, videos from Youtube and embedded articles from Steemit, Whaleshares etc. with more to come in the future. team announced that the forum hosts no files, images or media. Respective site owners are responsible for their own contents if they breach DMCA.

Visit EOS.Discussion.App Blockchain Based Forum

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