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Murmur Micro-Blogging Application

Murmur is a micro-blogging application developed and broadcasted on the EOS blockchain, entirely driven and controlled by it’s users with no central point of failure nor any needs to go through a middleman or single authority. Because the blog can operate without administrator, no one is capable or even has the access to do modification and no data is held at Murmur. As announced by the Murmur team, user profiles exist and operate independently separated from the application, hence users have full control over their blogging data, the freedom to create contents and can decide how and who gets to see their data.

The Murmur development team informed as well that data is cryptographically encrypted and validated via the decentralized user-consent driven network and that users will need to “stake” EOS tokens before they can use Murmur app, developers informed that this will discourage proliferation of spamming and trolling farms.

On top of the freedom to create contents, users can get to earn EOS based MUR tokens as well by participations in the blog platform, paid for by the platform and its partners. Pixeos, EOS Detroit and Genereos were listed as partners of Murmur. MUR tokens can be traded on Newdex exchange and Chaince exchange with the private keys controlled by the users themselves instead of Murmur and the tokens can be used for in-app purchases. EOS users can use Murmur as an in-app EOS wallet to send, store and transact EOS-based tokens including MUR tokens. The private keys of the wallet are as mentioned before, controlled by users, not Murmur.

Murmur terms:

1. Murmur: Public message consisting of 256 characters are termed “Murmur”.

2. Yell: Users sharing a Murmur within the network will turn it into a “Yell” that is recorded on the EOS blockchain.

3. Snoop: User appreciating a murmur will qualify as a “Snoop” with the murmur creator informed that someone has “snooped” his or her murmur.

4. Whisper: Private message between users are termed “Whispers”, these messages are encrypted.

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