Blockchain Based Social Network Guide

Memo Social Media

Blockchain: Bitcoin Cash


Memo is a social network developed on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain and was created by a pair of bored developers as a hobby to experiment and leverage blockchain’s technology to store data. There was reportedly no high-powered development team developing the project nor was there fund raising activity started for development.

Memo is both a front-end application and a protocol, it uses the Memo protocol to write transaction records onto the blockchain and storing data there instead of on the cloud, allowing Memo data to be kept indefinitely and resistant to censorship since produced blocks on the blockchain cannot be changed or modified. The users can then use client applications to read the transactions and activities on the network.

With data and application decoupled, other applications can develop using the same data from the blockchain conveniently. The advantage is that if an application used by users is discontinued, those users can use their same identity and data on another application since those data will never be deleted.

Reading other people’s messages on Memo is free of charge but posting require users to pay transactions fees (measured in satoshis) for each character. So that means interested users cannot try out Memo for free without spending some pennies which may put off some casual users.

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