Guides to Ethereum Blockchain Based Games

1. MyCryptoHeroes Multiplayer RPG Game


MyCryptoHeroes (MCH) is an Ethereum blockchain related multiplayer Role Playing Game (RPG) reportedly without any gas fee requirement to play. Users can sign in to play MCH with a MetaMask wallet and some ETH coins stored in it, or sign in with a google account. The second google account option is only for trial games without the full game experience.

Players can collect and use their original starter heroes or buy new heroes at the marketplace to participate in quests, fight player vs player (PVP) battles to become stronger and level up. Players will need to buy GUMs (in-game tokens) at an exchange to purchase heroes, all non-novice heroes can be traded with GUMs on the Ethereum network.

Image 1: Trading heroes at the marketplace


Heroes have 4 attributes, they are Hit Points (HP) that can trigger HP Related passive skills, Physics (PHY) that can trigger PHY active skills and healing, Intelligence (INT) that can trigger INT active skills and healing, and lastly Agility (AGI) that can trigger faster active skill activation. There are different rarities and power levels of heroes in the game, some heroes have elements that enhance their offensive skills while others have high defensive power or can deal more damage.

Image 2: Some heroes of MCH game

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Heroes and items are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are cryptographic tokens that are secured on the blockchain and fully owned by the players, not the system. As owners, they have the freedom to trade those items and loots (be it buy or sell) with GUMs at in-game marketplace, outside of the game or even use them in other games because of the interoperability of MyCryptoHeroes gaming system. This is unlike traditional games where the gaming companies own and control everything in the game including having the power to delete, take over users’ game assets and prevent those assets from being used by other systems or games not belonging to them.

Players can gain from the Node system to send their teams to the battlefield and acquire combat benefits for example extension or Crypto Energies that can level their heroes up. Heroes can be upgraded by doing quests as well, more powerful opponents will drop rarer items, called Extensions which can be equipped by heroes with additional attributes and active skills. Players can participate in Raids, a special form of quests that only appear occasionally.

Official MyCryptoHeroes Multiplayer RPG Game Link

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