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2. CryptoFlower Collectibles Game

CryptoFlowers is an online crypto collectibles game using Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts to allow its users breed, discover, select, collect and exchange beautiful breeds of digital crypto fancy flowers. CryptoFlowers are not cryptocurrencies but have the same level of security and the flowers are unique genetically. Similar to data on a blockchain, the flowers cannot be destroyed, copied or removed but will always bloom.

The name CryptoFlowers was chosen for the game because the collectible flowers are digital and use blockchain technology. The game allows players to breed 2 different flowers, mix both genes to grow into a unique third new flower genetically, which resembles both parent flowers. If player is lucky, they get a completely new gene of beautiful flower.

Players may cross breed their flowers with flowers of other players and sell them at the Auction house to make a profit. The game comes with Augmented Reality (AR) feature too, bringing new colours and designs to reality.

Players can invite their friends by sharing any flower with them and stand to gain extra Ethereum or ETH tokens for each transaction your invited friends perform, eg. Receive 50% of cryptoflowers earning when invited friend purchases a new flower, breeds 2 flowers or completes a selling auction. Player can build up their own referral network as announced by the game team and gets up to 30% of players income invited by their friends (up to 10 levels)

CryptoFlowers Roadmap:

 Dec 2018: First version of game released with mobile application and AR.

 Feb 2019: Players can collect flowers using geo-tagging.

 Apr 2019: Players can grow flowers at their home or workplace with AR.

 Jun 2019: Players can assist their friends to grow flowers.

 Jul 2019: Implement EPI-genetics and gene modifiers.

 Aug 2019: Kick-start global events.

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