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3. 0xUniverse Space Strategy Game


0xUniverse is a blockchain-based space strategy game developed on the Ethereum blockchain that allows players to become entrepreneurs with their wealth and build up a fleet capable of conquering the Galaxy as a tycoon on a galactic scale. The game gives players the ability to contribute to the game story and solve the mystery of the universe together.

Image 1: Missions of the Game

Buying and Owning a Planet

To be able to start playing the game, new player will need to sign up and purchase a planet by clicking the Planet button, then select For Sale tab. From there, the new player can choose the planet of his choice, click on it to view a more detailed descriptions and information, then he/she can click Buy to confirm the purchase and become the proud owner of a planet.

Image 2: Buying a Planet

0xUniverse game guide stated that the blockchain technology used will guarantee player that bought or colonized planets to become the indisputable owner of them. Planets are cryptocollectibles that can be bought, sold and traded. No one has control of the players-owned planets including the game developers except the player-owner himself/herself and will remain so even if the entire game system is destroyed.

Inventing and Building a Spaceship

After the new player has acquired a planet, he/she can start to build spaceship but will have to invent one first which will require the accumulation of knowledge. By pressing on the My Spaceships button, player can see his/her knowledge accumulation progress. Knowledge is produced by civilians that colonized the player’s planet, each civilian produces 1 piece of knowledge per hour. Hence, more densely populated planets will enable the owner to invent spaceships more frequently.

After accumulating sufficient knowledge, the Invent a Spaceship button becomes visible and player can click on it to invent a spaceship within minutes. After the player invented a spaceship, he can then build it but will first need the resources to do it including a population and colonists. If the player is lucky, the resources required to build spaceship are already available on his/her planets for extraction. If the player’s planet does not have the required resources, then he/she will need to buy the required planet at the “Auction” place.

Resources will be transported between different planets automatically quickly and players do not need to worry about it, but colonists need to be on the same planet that the spaceship will be launched from. Players can keep track of the collection progress for resources and colonists on the My Spaceships page. When the collection completes, the Build and Launch button will become visible. When the player presses the button, the colonists will gather at the spaceship location and it will be launched to a planet of the player’s choice to explore.

Image 3: Map of the Galaxy

Discovery of a Planet

If the launched spaceship is heading to a sector that is less explored, the chance of a successful expedition will be higher. The player will discover a new planet, land on and colonize it if the launched expedition is successful or lose the spaceship if it is a failure. The colonists on the ship will then setup a base and begin extraction of the planet’s resources. Artifacts may be discovered on certain planets that may reveal tales of other races that once ruled the galaxy before humans arrived.

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