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4. HyperDragons Crypto-Collectibles Battle Game


HyperDragons is a blockchain based crypto-collectibles dragon battle game that is developed on the Ethereum smart contract platform. Players can use Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency coins to trade dragons, every dragon in the game is unique with its own characteristics and has strong collection value. Dragons can be owned exclusively, can increase in value and cannot be duplicated or destroyed.

Image 1: Trading Dragons at the Marketplace

To play the game, players will need to use a computer or a laptop that runs with Google or Firefox browser. Then install MetaMask, a digital wallet that works hand in hand with web applications, and have some Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency coins transferred to the wallet to support game payment. Users can install MetaMask via the following link:

Metamask Installation Link

Is Dragon Required to Play the Game?

Players can participate in the Hyperdragons prediction game if they do not have a dragon, but they will not be able to experience the fun of raising, training dragons, participating in the arena and some other games. Player with at least two dragons can have a better gaming experience because he/she can breed new adorable dragon babies.

Image 2: HyperDragons Arena Map

Dragon Breeding

Dragons can be traded at the marketplace and players can look for their favorite dragon there to mate and breed babies. Not every newborn dragon will be born with skill, but if the "parental genes" are good, the chance of giving birth to a fine skillful dragon will increase. The characteristics of the dragon offspring are based on genetic algorithms and written on smart contracts, characteristics are determined by the dominant and recessive genes of the dragon parents, hence the algorithm gives the reproductive mechanism certain amount of randomness.

The characteristics of these dragons are graded, and quality dragon has a strong collection value for many players. HyperDragons game team hopes that the above stated random generation of descendant dragons will bring endless fun to the players.

Game System Dragon Creation

There are two types of dragon production mechanism, one is breeding by mating between two dragons, the second type is generated and released by the official game system. Dragons that are produced by the official game system are limited in amount and the speed of the system releasing new dragons will gradually slow down by game design. Under rare circumstances, the game may release special dragon species to surprise players.

Dragon as a Virtual Pet

Every dragon has fighting skills and players can further develop the fighting skills of their dragons. Each dragon is like a mini-pet of the player and will represent the player in competitions. There are officially organized competitions as well as brands titled competitions. The dragons can participate in competitions, challenge different opponents and wins grand prizes for their owners.

Dragon Attributes

Dragons are designed with the following dimensions for their fighting skills:

1. Hitpoints: Basic attribute of the dragon

2. Skills: Each dragon can have maximum of 5 skills. New dragon can have up to 2 skills at its initial state.

3. Glory: Every dragon that participated in competitions may be awarded with title, the title is the dragon's honor. When a dragon is awarded the title, the dragon is considered to have obtained a certificate of the awarded title.

Balancing the Game Economy

If players do want to hold and own too many dragons, they can recycle low value dragons that they don’t like. By consuming 10 dragons to get a dragon egg, player try his/her luck to see if the dragon egg will hatch to become a better dragon that is more satisfying for the player.

With the above recycling mechanism and the expected slowdown of new dragon releases from the game system, the development team hopes that the economy and the value of the dragon can be balanced and maintained instead of allowing the market to be filled with low-value collections, resulting in a depreciation trend in the entire DAPP internal economic cycle.

Prediction Game

There is a prediction game with forecasting function available for everyone to play. Even if a player has only a small amount of game currency, he/she can participate in the game. New players that do not want to buy a dragon at a high price can consider to play the prediction game, they can win a dragon if they win the game.

Image 3: HyperDragons Prediction Game

Official Link for HyperDragons Blockchain Based Crypto Collectibles Game

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