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CryptoDozer is an arcade game operating on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is somewhat similar to the coin pusher slot in most amusement arcade shops. The difference is that instead of pushing fiat coins, players drop virtual coins to push cryptodolls down the front slot to collect and earn it. If dolls are pushed down the sides, they are wasted and will not be added to the player’s balance. Dolls that are won by players have or potentially have monetary value that can be converted to Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency, with some top dolls reported by the game itself to be worth 70 ETH which is around $20000 USD as of July 2019. Ethereum coins can be traded at cryptocurrency exchange for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies.

Caption: Drop coins to push dolls down the collection slot.

Players do not need an account to start and can play the game as a guest, but they will only be able to achieve up to a maximum of 10 levels and they will not be able to buy coins or trade dolls. If the game data of a guest account is lost under unexpected circumstances, the game will not be able to restore them. Hence, the platform recommends players to install MetaMask and connect their Ethereum accounts to securely protect their game data. Players can play the game in both PC web and mobile versions.

Metamask Installation Link

Coins and Tokens

Coins and tokens are different items in the game that serve different purposes. Coins are in-game objects used to push collectible dolls down the slot, while PLA tokens are the game’s transactional currency that can be purchased with ETH cryptocurrency and be used to purchase coins.

Free Coins

The game adds 1 free coin to the player’s balance every 30 seconds until his/her coin balance reaches 20. There will be no more free coins for players above level 30 and they will need to spend PLA tokens to buy more coins if required. A “Bankrupt Package” deal will be offered to player at a discounted price to buy coins if he/she is bankrupt.

Combo and Bonus Coins

When a player pushes 3 or more coins down the front slot in one push, a combo will be activated and a doll or bonus coin may drop randomly on the board as combo reward. If players are able to push the bonus coins down the front slot, they will get bonuses depending on the coin type as shown in picture below.

Caption: Bonus Coins can be pushed down the slots and be collected.

Spin Meter

Coins that are pushed off the sides are not added to the player’s coin balance, instead it charges the SPIN meter. Once the SPIN meter is fully charged, the player can start the spin as shown below to see what he/she gets. The meter will reset after the player makes a spin.

Caption: CryptoDozer Lucky Spin Wheel.


After a player collected a wall item, he can activate it to bring in 2 sides of walls for 20 seconds to squeeze the coins towards the center thus reducing the chance where coins and items will drop down the sides.

Auto Play

If the player feels tired of manually playing, he/she can press the Auto Play button to allow the game to drop 1 coin automatically every second at a random location. Once the Auto Play button is activated, players will not be able to drop coins manually.

Collectible Dolls

There are two types of Dolls: Standard and Fancy. Standard dolls are valued from 0.001 to 70 ETH coins and are dropped randomly during gameplay. Fancy Chest containing fancy doll will only be dropped when player reach a certain level and the chest can only be opened by a fancy key to collect the fancy doll. Keys are created as Non Fungible Token (NFT) and player can get a free key by registering his/her email address with the game, after that the player will probably need to spend fiat money or ETH coins to acquire any future keys. There are 4 types of Fancy Chests: Normal, Magic, Rare, and Unique. Players can get higher ranked chests if their levels are higher and can obtain better fancy dolls from chests that are rarer.

Caption: List of CryptoDolls that can be collected.

Once players have collected enough dolls, they can view them at My Bag and trade all of them for ETH coins at the game exchange minimally for 0.1 ETH. Any exchange transaction amount that is lesser than 0.1 ETH will be rejected by the game. So players will need to grind for significant amount of time to collect enough dolls that are worth more than 0.1 ETH. Players can access the Game Exchange with the Exchange button on the middle left side of the game screen but they will need a minimum level of 20 and their MetaMask account must be connected to the game.

Caption: My Bag contains player’s dolls & treasure chests.

My Bank

My Bank can be accessed via My Bag button and player starts with 12 bank slots that can be used to store Dolls and Chests. Once all bank slots are occupied, players will need to spend USD to buy more bank slots at the “Buy Item” section. The payment can be made over Paypal or Razer Gold but Cryptoguide has not tried the payment methods and does not vouch for their efficiency and trustworthiness.

Removing Bank Items

Players will need to purchase keys to open and remove chests or they can donate their dolls to UNICEF at the Game Exchange. Do note that a player will need to pay Ethereum GAS fee plus a Donation fee to donate a Doll and free up a single bank slot that it occupies. The game set the donation cost at 70% of the price for a single new bank slot for the player, hence the price will change. Some players pay $3.50 USD to donate a doll, while others pay $9 USD to donate the exact same doll because their new bank slots cost more.

Caption: Players can exchange or donate dolls at the Game Exchange.

Donation to UNICEF

As mentioned above, once a player donates a doll, he/she will donate his/her crypto at the same time to UNICEF which is 70% of a single new bank slot cost. A medium post from the CryptoDozer team informed that they will deduct 10% to cover development, improvement, support, security and marketing cost. The player will receive free auto-drops for the donation and his/her player ID will be recorded permanently as a donor on the blockchain.

Fever Time

Fever time will be activated after a player collects 5 fever coins and will last for 10 seconds. During Fever Time, all coins (on board or to drop) will turn into Double coins and there is no limit to how many coins a player can drop with no cool down. Wall cannot be activated during Fever Time but can be activated right before it. There is no restriction to Auto Play function during Fever Time.

Bull Dozer

For every 10th level achieved by a player, the Bull Dozer will be activated with a red bull charging across board pushing items that are in its way down the slots. If the player activates Wall item at the same time, he/she will collect many more items from the combination of the Bull dozer and the narrower passage caused by the wall.

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