Guides to EOS Blockchain Based Games

1. EOS Knights


EOS Knights is reported to be the first mobile game that runs on the EOS blockchain and require Scatter plugin with PC Chrome browser to play. The main objective of the game is to fight monsters and save the village. By killing monster, players can get to advance up stages or in another game term “floors” to face bigger challenges and get better rewards that may consist of cryptocurrency coins from a blockchain.

Image 1: Fighting Monsters & Advancing Stages in EOS Knights

Players will gain experience by killing monsters and can eventually level up their knights and earn resources that can be used to craft items, for example rings, necklaces, weapons and armors. Players can eventually choose to complete Crafting Quest that will reward the winner with very good prize, for example 100 EOS cryptocurrency coins. EOS cryptocurrency is an altcoin that is touted by many to be the best cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world, it can be traded with other popular cryptocurrencies, for example bitcoin and ethereum at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Image 2: EOS Knights Crafting Screen

Merging Items and Level Up Skills

Players can level up item by merging items of the same type to save item space and upgrade their value, for example Wood Ring can be upgraded from level 1 to 2 by merging it with another Wood Ring. Player can level up skills as well, for example on strike attack that can deal 230% or more damage to the enemy depending on levels of the player.

Image 3: Merging Items to make them more powerful

Hiring Mage and Archer

Players can pay a small amount of EOS cryptocurrency fee from a cryptocurrency wallet to hire a mage or an archer, and they will appear on the battleground to assist the primary knight in fighting monsters. This will greatly increase the chance of victory and allow the player to be rewarded with better resources.

Image 4: Hiring Mage and Archer to assist player in battles.

Screen Toggle

Once the player is ready to focus on the battlefield, he can click the Battle button at the bottom bar to see his fight progress with the monsters as well as how many floors he had advanced. He can also click team members to change accessory, weapons, armors and pets.

Player Rebirth

Once the knight eventually dies which is expected to happen regularly, players can click rebirth to get materials and magic water after making sure they have spare space to receive them or the rewards will be wasted. Players get better rewards during rebirth if they advanced further in stages and floors.

Making Monetary Profits while Playing the Game

Once players acquire rare items, they can sell it for EOS cryptocurrency coins which will be transferred to the player’s EOS blockchain account and cryptocurrency wallet as a profit or keep them to have a better chance to continue on their quest to perhaps one day acquire Legendary Items.

Official EOS Knights Blockchain Based Game Link

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