Guides to EOS Blockchain Based Games

2. XPet Monster World Game


XPet Monster World is a virtual pet strategy battle game built on the EOS blockchain and developed by BlockchainPower Lab team of RedHorse Limited company. Players will need to install Scatter browser extension on a PC Chrome browser, create an EOS blockchain account if they do not have one, link the EOS blockchain account to Scatter, and finally buy a pet from the pet market or rent a pet from the rental market using EOS cryptocurrency coins before they can play the game.

Buying Pets with EOS cryptocurrency coins

Image 1: Buying Pets on the XPet Market with EOS cryptocurrency coins

Gaming Token

XPet uses XPC cryptocurrency token for its gaming system, players can use it to upgrade their main cities, cultivation, material, skill book and equipment trading. XPC is short form for XPet Coin and is a new cryptocurrency native token of the XPet game on the blockchain. There is a total circulation supply of 100 million XPC cryptocurrency tokens globally, it cannot be pre-mined but can be circulated eternally. Xpet internal system sells XPC cryptocurrency tokens to customers for 5% of handling fees.

Image 2: XPet Blockchain Based Game Main Page

XPC is a cryptocurrency token and a passport for players to enter the monster world, this new cryptocurrency altcoin is based on the Bancor algorithm and can only be obtained through game mining. Players will receive a corresponding amount of XPC as a game token for each EOS cryptocurrency coins invested in the game. Players can use the XPC cryptocurrency tokens to upgrade their game characters, buildings and props or exchange the tokens for EOS cryptocurrency coins through blockchain or cryptocurrency exchange trading.

Image 3: Buying Items and Upgrades.


The game has an arena system where teams or individual players can battle it out with each game consisting of 3 pets. Pets with around the same levels and values will enter the arena with rewards equivalent to the arena level (bronze, silver gold or diamonds) will be awarded to the winner.

XPet stated on their gaming platform that their aim is to provide a blockchain based game that can be used to trade game products and that Xpet System will not keep private key and any personal data of participants and players.

Official XPet Monster World Blockchain Based Game Link

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