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3. EOSDOTA PVP Trading Card Game


EOSDOTA is a real-time Player vs Player (PVP) strategy Trading Card Game (TCG) developed on the EOS blockchain , DOTA is the short form for Defence Of The Alliance. There are at least 100 heroes available in EOSDOTA consisting of 5 races, Elves, Tavern, Orc, Terran and Undead. Heroes are divided into 4 talents, Intelligence, agility, strength and special. There are 5 kinds of quality used to judge heroes, they are white (meaning ordinary), green (meaning excellent), blue (meaning elite), purple (meaning epic) and lastly orange (for legendary).

EOSDOTA blockchain game

Image 1: EOSDOTA blockchain based game starting screen

Players can collect, sell and buy heroes at the market or get heroes through robbery in snatch battle. The main objective is to create a battle deck consisting of at least 3 selected heroes to fight battle decks of other players in real time. When that is done, the player can click Ladder match to search for an opponent automatically. When an opponent is located, battle begins.

Image 2: Acquring new hero

Battle Rules

During battle, player will need to choose the sequence to send 3 heroes, example player can configure Dragon Prince (a Tavern Hero) to fight first, Faerie Dragon to be the second hero to fight after Dragon price loses and lastly hero Rebel Leader will be the third hero to fight after Faerie Dragon loses.

Image 3: EOSDOTA game battle sequence

Selected heroes will attack and deal damage to each other once per round, with damage randomly dealt between 10% to 100% of the hero’s combat ability. The hero that deals the higher damage will win the round and destroy the hero with the lower damage. The side that destroys 3 heroes wins and gets the Ladder match reward by drawing card (similar to opening treasure chest) and has a chance to get new heroes which can be used to replace existing hero. Each player can draw 6 rust cards per day.

4 Card Types

There are 4 types of cards that players can draw, they are rust card, crystal card, gold card and chief card. Chief card is the most expensive to draw but provides player with the best probability to get better hero. The next best card to draw is gold card and next is crystal card.

Hero Upgrading

Players can upgrade existing hero if they have 2 same kind heroes and can merge them to increase their power. For example to upgrade a grade 1 Sacred Warrior, player must consume another grade 1 Sacred Warrior to enhance it to the next grade. The grade of the hero is displayed in roman numerals at the top left corner of the hero portrait. Please take note that there are 3 types of possible results in an enhancement, success (increasing the hero’s grade by +1), failure (grade stays the same) or accident (hero’s grade decrease by 1). The probability of the 3 type of results will be stated in percentage chance to the player.

Drawing Additional Cards

Player can get to sacrifice a card after winning a ladder battle to draw an additional rust card but can only sacrifice maximum of 6 rust cards per day. Players can draw cards by grinding out battles the hard way to win 20 games in a day and get rewarded with a crystal card for free or by spending EOS cryptocurrency coins to draw cards instantly. EOS cryptocurrency token is an altcoin alternative to bitcoin and ethereum but is touted by some traders to be the best cryptocurrency and blockchain globally.

Image 4: Drawing cards to get new heroes in EOSDOTA game

Race Overpower

Some races have advantages over other races and can overpower them.

1. Orc overpowers Terran

2. Terran overpowers Tavern

3. Tavern overpowers Orc

4. Terran, Orc or Tavern overpowers Elf

5. Elf highly overpowers Undead

6. Undead overpowers Terran, Orc and Tavern

A race gets 35% increase to its base power if it overpowers the race of his opponent. If a race highly overpowers the race of his opponent, it gets 100% increase to its base power.

Skills Explained

Strength based Hero: Two strength based heroes of the same team can increase the team’s overall power if they are still alive.

Agility based Hero: Have a chance to completely dodge damage from opponent.

Intelligence based Hero: Can neutralize opponent’s ability to overpower if his hero is the dominant race, and at the same time can strengthen overpower effect of the hero’s own team.

Special Hero

Elf: Has the ability to seal opponent’s highest power hero during 3v3 situation and seal opponent’s lowest power hero during 2v2 situation to prevent them from coming out. This will allow you to better predict the next hero your opponent will play which is a huge advantage.

Undead: If an Undead special hero is defeated, opponent’s combat capacity will be reduced by half.

Terran: Strength of the Terran special hero will be enhanced for each defeated hero of its own team.

Orcs: If player has a hero defeated during the first round, the Orc special hero can instantly defeat its opponent in the second round regardless of combat power.

Tavern: Combat capacity of a Tavern special hero increases everytime it defeats an opponent hero.

Snatch Battle

Player can participate in Snatch Battle if his/her battle deck is higher than 66 power. Snatch Battle combat rule is same as in Ladder battle except that opponent matching is random, a high team power player can be matched to fight with a low team power player. The winner of each battle can rob a card used in this battle from the loser. Snatch battle and Ladder are not related.

Consensus Mine

Player can perform concensus mining to get rewards in EOS cryptocurrency coins at random time if he/she occupies a mine and successfully defends it. In order to grab a mine, player will need to consume card of at least the same quality of the mine, eg. Consume a green card to grab a green mine. If the player is defeated in his mine challenge, the card needed to be consumed for the same mine will increase by 1 more for his next attempt. The mine grabbing player with the highest ladder score will occupy the mine and other players will queue up to challenge the temporary mine occupier.

Image 5: EOSDOTA Game Consensus Mine Screen

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