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4. Unlimited Tower Strategy RPG


Unlimited Tower is a battle strategy role playing game (SRPG) developed on the EOS blockchain. Users will need an EOS blockchain account along with Scatter installed and may need to deposit some EOS cryptocurrency coins in their cryptocurrency wallet to play the game.

Unlimited Tower Blockchain Based Game Image 1: Unlimited Tower Starting Game Screen


The objective of the blockchain based game is for players to fight battles at Fields, Tower map and PVP arena, by progressing players can acquire loots, experience points and cryptocurrency coins to upgrade their teams and become stronger with the aim of one day becoming the last hero at the Unlimited Tower. The final winner or champion will win a portion of EOS cryptocurrency coins amassed at the Unlimited Tower through smart contract on a blockchain.

Image 2 & 3: Actions on the Battlefield

Building a Team

There are over 200 Non-fungible tokens (NFT) cryptographic collectibles in the game, which the owner players can combine to build and form their team of 10 members that may consist of either monsters or servants via Gacha. As the game progresses, players can earn loots and experience points to upgrade their servants, monsters and items. The game team informed that all data will be transparent with the help of blockchain technology.

Image 4: Team Setup for Use in Battles

Conquering the Unlimited Tower

When players get stronger, they can attempt the most difficult challenge, to conquer the Unlimited Tower. This ultimate challenge attracts the best players in the game to fight against one another in a limitless PVP environment. The final winner will be awarded with EOS cryptocurrency coin, an altcoin alternative to bitcoin which has real monetary value.

Win cryptocurrency rewards Image 5: Players will earn cryptocurrency rewards and can level up team if they win battles

If players accomplish certain challenges, they can be rewarded with EOS and UTG cryptocurrency coins. UTG is the new cryptocurrency native token or altcoin of Unlimited Tower game. Players playing in Field stages , for example Altar of Infinity, PVP arena or Adventure stage will have a chance to earn UTG cryptocurrency tokens.

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