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5. EOS Dynasty PVP RPG Game


EOS Dynasty is a cryptocurrency related Player vs Player (PVP) and Role Playing Game (RPG) that works with EOS blockchain. Players can fight battles to gain experience and materials, forge equipment and acquire domestic mounts to eventually upgrade their heroes and provide them with better weapons, armors and equipment.

Image 1: EOS Dynasty Gameplay


Players can select up to 3 heroes into their team for battles consisting of Warrior, Archer and Wizard. Each job comes with special ability that can be used in PVP. The whitepaper of this blockchain based game stated that there are 3 jobs in the game at present but will be increased to six jobs in the future when they are ready. There are 16 levels for heroes to upgrade, every level up will increase hero attributes and enable the hero to use higher level of equipment.

Image 2: There are Three Heroes in the Game

There are 4 hero attributes:

HP: Hero retreats when Hit Point (HP) reaches 0.

Attack: Determines the damage that the hero can deal to enemies, as well as determines the speed of killing enemies

Defense: Reduces damage taken from enemies’ attack

Luck: Affects drop rate for materials and the number of tiger rune in the march.


Heroes can ride mounts that can increase their battle stats. The game has a total of 5 levels of 20 unique mounts (eg. The Red Hare, Shadow) and these mounts can go on an adventure themselves individually to earn rewards.

Image 3: Mounts available for the Heroes to ride


Players will eventually march their team to fight battles and their heroes can conquer a city for every 10 enemies they defeat. For each completed march, each hero in battle earns 1 material. Players have higher chance to acquire rare materials if they conquer more cities.

Equipment and Materials

There are 6 classes of equipment, consisting of Common, Rare, Master, Epic, Legend and Super God. With acquired materials, players can choose to forge 8 categories of equipment, namely Light Weapon, Heavy Weapon, Bow, Staff, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Amulet and Jewelry. Players can get to see the list of equipment they can forge with a specific material by clicking it.

Image 4: Equipment in the game

Advance equipment in the game is cryptographic Non-Fungible Token (NFT) recorded on the blockchain, hence they are unique, can be owned exclusively by the players and can be traded freely in NFT markets, for example on Scatter Marketplace. Players can trade materials with EOS cryptocurrency coins via a smart contract blockchain marketplace as well. EOS cryptocurrency token is a bitcoin alternative altcoin rated by some investors to be the best cryptocurrency around the world, it can be traded for other crypotocurrencies especially with ethereum or bitcoin in a cryptocurrency exchange, for example Binance.

Game Tokens

Three Kingdoms Token (TKT) is the new cryptocurrency native token of the EOS Dynasty game created on the EOS blockchain, there are a total of 1 billion tokens in supply and the cryptocurrency coins will mostly be distributed in the game. Players can acquire TKT cryptocurrency tokens as rewards through the blockchain based game with the following ways:

1. Spending Reward: Players earn 1000 TKT tokens for every 1 EOS cryptocurrency spent on buying heroes, tiger runes etc.

2. Trading Reward: By purchasing game assets from the marketplace, players can earn 50 TKT tokens for every 1 EOS cryptocurrency transacted by them.

3. Battle Reward: Players gain reputations through marches, with enemy kills they will be allocated TKT cryptocurrency tokens daily according to their reputation share.

4. Task Reward: Players are rewarded with TKT cryptocurrency tokens for completing special tasks in the game.

5. PVP Reward: Players are rewarded with TKT cryptocurrency tokens for beating other players at PVP battlefield.

Staking TKT Token

After players reach military rank equivalent of hero level as stated in the table below, they have the option to stake TKT cryptocurrency coins and earn dividends from the game.

Image 5: Ability to Stake Tokens according to Military Rank

There are two types of dividends that can be earned through staking TKT cryptocurrency tokens, they are Material Dividends and Profit Dividends. For Material Dividends, 10% of game materials will be proportionally distributed to all staked TKT cryptocurrency holders. For Profit Dividends, the game will proportionally payout 20% of game profit to all staked TKT cryptocurrency holders, including marketplace processing fees.

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