Guides to EOS Blockchain Based Games

6. Magnetic Predictive Game

Magnetic App is a predictive quiz blockchain based social game with a variety of questions and set period of time where users can receive rewards if predictions are made through O (For Yes) and X (For No) on questions. Once the count-down timer expires, the prediction event will close and the results will be released. If user predicted correctly, he/she will receive cryptocurrency tokens as rewards or have their tokens confiscated if the prediction is incorrect. Magnetic game is designed to work with EOS DPOS protocol based blockchain.

In terms of Magnetic settlement process, the blockchain based game system will distributes EOS cryptocurrency token rewards to all participants that hit the correct predictive results against the cryptocurrency tokens pool of all other opposite participants. EOS coin is a cryptocurrency digital money similar to bitcoin currency or btc cryptocurrency. 15% of the total cryptocurrency reward allocation will be reserved as commissions. Users can find the previous results as well on the Results page.

Users can have their own avatar for their Magnetic account and chat with other users real-time during the predictive event. After winning some cryptocurrency tokens rewards, they can use the rewards to purchase Avatar decoration items or link various predictive based social games or NFT based blockchain collectable games.

Magnetic App is reported to work well with Chrome browser but does not support mobile web app version yet as of Feb 2019 and users are required to install Scatter ( ) first before they can use the Magnetic blockchain based DApp.

Magnetic is reported to have been officially deployed to the EOS MainNet blockchain on Feb 2019, and anyone with EOS cryptocurrency coins can participate in the game.

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