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7. CryptoThrone Strategy War Game


Crypto Throne – Fight for Token is a castle building strategy game developed on the EOS, a DPOS based blockchain that allows players to earn money by fighting wars in the crypto based game. Players will need to create an EOS blockchain account and EOS cryptocurrency wallet to store and transact cryptocurrency game tokens before they can play the game. Players can install Scatter on the Chrome browser to begin.

Image 1: CryptoThrone Strategy War Game Welcome Screen

Base Camp

The primary game page for the player is the main camp. Main camp contains eg. castle, barrack, tower, farm, lumbermill, mine, technology buildings. Players can build buildings, collect resources and use resources to manage their castles. The Lord can recruit soldiers to defend against external enemies and protect resource fields from being raided.

Image 2: CryptoThrone Base Camp Screen

The top bar base camp screen from left displays the portrait and name of the player, follow by food, wood, oil and ore resources. The second row displays the army strength. Each castle has a cap to the number of troops that can be gathered, but the lord can increase the maximum troop cap by leveling up the castle.


The lord can recruit soldiers at the barrack, leveling up the barrack will increase the speed of recruitment. Recruiting soldiers will consume food and wood. Garrisoned soldiers will also consume food every minute. When there is no more food to be consumed, 9.5 soldiers will die.

Tower Defense

Tower is the core battle building, allowing garrisoned soldiers to receive defense bonus. Upgrading the tower defense will increase the defensive combat power of the soldiers and capacity to accommodate injured soldiers. If attempt to defend the castle failed, some soldiers will become injured soliders, the Lord can then spend some resources to recover the injured soldiers. Lords that joined an alliance can receive alliance defensive bonus, the more troops garrisoned in the alliance fortress, the more additional defensive bonus an alliance member can receive.

Farm, Lumbermill, Mine and Oilfield

Farm will produce food every 5 minutes, lumbermill will produce wood every 5 minutes and mine will supply ore every 5 minutes etc. Leveling up farm, lumbermill and mine will increase the output rate of the goods respectively. There is a limit to the number of resources that can be kept in resource buildings, if the storage limit is reached, no more resource can be produced. For example, if the food storage has reached maximum capacity, the farm will not be able to produce more food. All resources that can be produced are tradable at the marketplace.

Image 3: Resource Structures on the Fields

Spying, Attacking and Opening Shield for Protection

Lords can relocate their castles to any space on the map by spending EOS coin, a cryptocurrency token from the EOS blockchain similar to bitcoin cryptocurrency, or BTC currency. By clicking on another non-alliance player, the lord can choose to spy or attack the castle. It is advisable to spy first before attacking to avoid unnecessary losses. A lord can choose to open shield to protect its castle from being attacked by others but will need to spend EOS cryptocurrency coins to do that.

Gathering Resources

Lords will need to send troops to garrison resources point (eg. farms, mines) to be able to gather resources, every solider can gather 10 resources. As soon as gathering reaches maximum capacity, the gathering troops will bring the resources back to the main base. Garrisoned resource point for example oilfield can be attacked too, so lords may need to defend it while gathering resources.

Wild Monsters

There are wild monsters out on the fields eg. Super Stone Man, Super Fiery Dragon, Super Ghost which can be seen on the map when players explore. Monsters with higher levels are stronger and will drop more resources if defeated. Monsters will be refreshed every 8 hours to a new location regardless of whether they have been destroyed or not.

Image 4: Wild Monsters on the Fields

Official Link for CryptoThrone EOS Blockchain Based Strategy War Game

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