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8. EOS Tower Stacking PVP Game


EOS Tower is a Player vs Player (PVP) tower stacking crypto game developed to work with EOS, a DPOS based blockchain . Objective of the game is for players to stack as many tower modules as neatly as possible.

Game Modes

Users can play this blockchain based crypto game for free and learn how to play in Practice Mode without Scatter or any other wallets installed, players do not need to pay cryptocurrency entry fee to play Practice Mode. In PVP mode, each player will need to pay entry fee in cryptocurrencies to compete 1 on 1 with other players to see who gets the higher score, the winner will win part of opponent’s paid entry cryptocurrency fee.

Image 1: EOS Tower Crypto Game Starting Screen


Each player is given 1 minute to stack the tower modules by dropping it while it swings around. Players need to time the drop well and try to ensure the tower module will land right on top of the previous tower module. The stacking becomes more difficult over time because the tower module will swing faster wildly as the game progresses.

Image 2: Tower module swings during play & player needs to time the drop

If a tower module is stacked well neatly, it becomes orange in color and the game adds 50 points to the player’s score. If a tower module is not stacked neatly but is still able to connect with the stacks, the game adds 25 points to the player’s score. Each time a player misses his drop due to poor timing and his tower module falls off the stacks, he loses a life and will not get any points. The game ends if the player loses 3 lives or when the 1 minute duration is up, his/her final score will then be recorded on the blockchain.

Image 3: EOS Tower Practice Mode End Game

PVP Tokens

PVP token is the game's blockchain cryptocurrency native token of EOS Tower used for the PVP game ecosystem. Players receive PVP cryptocurrency tokens for participation if they lose a PVP game, the only way to acquire PVP token in game is by losing. Over time, the game system will by design reduce the amount of PVP cryptocurrency tokens players can receive every game.

Players will only be able to buy PVP cryptocurrency tokens through trading with EOS coins from EOS blockchain during pre-mining period with exchange ratio of 1 EOS coin for 12 PVP tokens. EOS coin is a cryptocurrency token similar to bitcoin currency, also known as BTC cryptocurrency. Players will receive PVP tokens from pre-mining pool similar to mining PVP tokens in game plays. There is a total supply of 100 million PVP cryptocurrency tokens. The development team announced that players can earn revenue distribution payouts in the future from EOS Tower blockchain based crypto game system by staking PVP cryptocurrency tokens after pre-mining round ends.

Game Revenue Allocation

As declared by the EOS Tower team, the remaining cryptocurrency entry fee that is not distributed to winner is gathered as part of the game revenue. 10% of revenue will be allocated for operating cost, 50% will be divided as payouts to users who have staked PVP cryptocurrency tokens and remaining 40% will be reserved for PVP cryptocurrency tokens buy-back in the future.

PVP Token Distribution

As declared by the EOS Tower team, as follows is the PVP cryptocurrency token initial distribution list:

 10%: Promotion and airdrops

 10%: For Strategic partners

 10%: Allocated to bounty campaigns

 10%: Pre-mining distribution

 10%: Reserved for PVP Game Team, to be unlocked over a period of 6 months

 50%: Issued to losing players. There are 10 mining rounds, each round will end after distributing 5 million PVP cryptocurrency tokens. For the next round, the reward of PVP tokens will be reduced to half of the previous round

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