Guides to EOS Blockchain Based Games

9. CrossWorlds Studios


CrossWorlds Studios is a mobile video game studio built to work with the EOS blockchain, its Headquarter is located in Los Angeles. The development team stated that by owning CrossWorlds Cryptocurrency Tokens, players can acquire the power to propose and vote for changes in any CrossWorlds games. Players gain more voting power by playing more CrossWorlds games and becoming more experienced.

Players can use all CrossWorlds items that they buy or discover in any CrossWorlds blockchain based game, although these items will be interpreted differently in different CrossWorlds games with core value examples as follow, ID. Season, Archetype, Rating etc.

Planet W Game

Planet W will be the first blockchain based game to be released by CrossWorlds Studios. Planet W is a Player vs Player (PVP) tower defense crypto game, where players use CrossWorlds items to create their tower defense team consisting of 5 towers and 5 minions. Every item of CrossWorlds can be equipped as a tower or minion.

Image 1: Planet W Tower Defense Game Start Mode

Minion and tower have stats that are separated respective to roles. Items that are used will determine the base stats, special abilities and power level of tower and minion. Players can upgrade those items to increase the power of their towers and minions. All stats and special abilities of minions and towers are on the blockchain but players can vote to modify them.

Image 2: Planet W Tower Defense Game in Progress

CrossWorlds Universal Inventory

With CrossWorlds Universal Inventory, players do not need to start over if a new game is released. They can start playing the new game at a higher level with more power and reuse their items acquired in other CrossWorlds blockchain based games. Players will still need to follow through the story of the game though.

Requirements to play CrossWorlds Games

To play CrossWorlds blockchain based games, player will need an EOS blockchain account and EOS cryptocurrency wallet. The game team informs that CrossWorlds games do not store player data on centralized servers and suggests players to use Scatter for desktop cryptocurrency wallet, saying Scatter may be more difficult for newcomers to setup but it provides excellent wallet service.

Official Link for CrossWorlds Studios Site

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