About Us

CryptoGuide is an independent web publishing company that writes for the public’s learning needs on everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, including cryptocurrency news, new cryptocurrency coins, bitcoin trading, EOS, altcoin cryptocurrencies, ethereum smart contracts and so on.


We write articles to advise readers on the following:

 Security, risks and best practices of investment in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

 Beginner guide on how to select and start trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

 Blockchain consensus protocols including mining bitcoin or ethereum.

 Cryptocurrencies on the cryptocurrency market including bitcoin, EOS, ethereum and other altcoin tokens.

 Decentralized applications, games and social platforms.

 The differences of bitcoin, EOS and other new cryptocurrency altcoin tokens.

 The debate on which is the best cryptocurrency.


The Team

The CryptoGuide team is located in Singapore but welcomes readers from any country to visit the website. The team is committed to providing knowledge, news, and raising awareness for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. If you have any queries or wish to share with us about a new cryptocurrency, please feel free to contact us via email, we can communicate in english and chinese. Our email address is at bottom left of the screen.


Question & Answer

Is CryptoGuide website a partner of any initiatives or projects on the crypto market?

CryptoGuide is an unbiased online knowledge guide for the crypto blockchain community. We are not aligned to any group or organizations and are not involved in any other projects.

CryptoGuide website belongs to which country?            

CryptoGuide team is not aligned to any group or organizations, that includes all governments. We welcome everyone to visit the website regardless of nationality.

Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Some cryptocurrencies are indeed good for long term investments, many others are scams. Be vigilant in selecting the right investment and do lots of research. Some of the articles in this website will teach you how to invest in the right project.

What is the best Exchange for Cryptocurrency trading?

There are a few good exchanges around. For now, Binance looks to be the fastest and largest cryptocurrency exchange globally due to the size of its trade volume. Regardless, you are advised to do your due diligence and research on the security and trustworthiness of the cryptocurrency exchange that you are interested in before investing.