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Bitcoin cash cryptocurrency

Image 1: Bitcoin cash cryptocurrency.

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Chinese Name: 比特币现金

Fork Launched Date: 1 August 2017


Bitcoin Cash (or BCH) is a decentralized Peer-to-Peer electronic cryptocurrency cash that uses the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus protocol. it was created as a direct result of a bitcoin fork that occurred on 1st August 2017. Bitcoin blockchain has a 1 megabyte block size limit and transaction fees was $28 on average by the end of year 2017. Transactions sometimes took up to four days to complete in May 2017, hence it is impractical to use bitcoin cryptocurrency for small purchases and everyday use.

Disputes on Bitcoin Scalability Solution

Part of the bitcoin community called for the increase of the bitcoin cryptocurrency block size which will increase bitcoin transaction speed significantly. Bitcoin core team refused the above proposal and decided instead to persue development of an unproven third party software, called the Lightning Network. Their objective is to use the lightning system to create another bitcoin cryptocurrency payment channel and layer that bypass the bitcoin blockchain for two parties to transact bitcoin cryptocurrency between each other. Lightning enables users to conduct many transactions outside of the bitcoin blockchain and then record them as a single one.

The Hard Fork that created Bitcoin Cash

Because of the bypass, not every single cryptocurrency transaction will be recorded on the blockchain. Hence, bitcoin core team hopes the lightning network can be successfuly developed to solve the scalability issue but this caused some members and groups of the Bitcoin community to hard fork and broke away from the bitcoin blockchain. A new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash was created from the hard fork with block size limit of eight megabytes as compared to bitcoin's one megabyte.

Trading bitcoin cash on a phone

Image 2: Trading bitcoin cash on a phone.

Bitcoin Cash System Overview

An anticipated bitcoin cash hard fork was implemented on 15 May 2018 and the block size was increased to 32 MB along with the capability to add basic smart contracts on bitcoin cash’s blockchain. Bitcoin cash reached cryptocurrency market cap of more than $6.8 billion USD and a total cryptocurrency coin circulating supply of around 17.8 million as of 22nd May 2019. is an open-source wallet generator that can create brain wallet and paper wallet that traders can use for transacting Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. Prominent leaders of bitcoin cash are Jihan Wu and Roger Ver.

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